Coldest Winter in 100 years on the way!

Looks like I may have to knit some more of these!

Rumour has it temperatures will fall as low as minus 20C in rural areas with the coldest and snowiest conditions in at least 100 years.

I hope you all feel totally recharged and ready to hit it hard tomorrow -Monday.

A x


Balance is crucial weekends are a must! Workout relax, wind down yes yes indeed. Feeling terrific and chilled after an afternoon relaxing …balance is key!

Now for the knitting. The scarf is at an angle! I am hoping this will mean it will hang rather lovely. I am not sure how long it will be though as I only have 3 balls of yarn!


Happy knitting


Friday already – wow

It’s been a fab few days and I have a fun weekend to look forward to:-) weeks are zooming by so must appreciate each and every day! I cast on a scarf last night – Elise however I am knitting it in Rowan tweed. I bought 3 balls of a lovely blue from the bargain bin I had a rummage in last time I was at John Lewis Oxford Street, London

Have a great Saturday – I plan to. Now for Zzzz got a good day to look forward to. Love weekends happydays