The buttons are sewn on to Eleanor. I got them in John Lewis and took a flyer that the colour would be ok. It seems to be. I hope to get a photo at the week-end.

I am off to finish the second sleeve of Precious now. I joined the 2 fronts to the back last night – took some doing black kidsilk haze. Good job I had my Ott lite.

I have signed up to another month of daily postings for NaBloPoMo. I enjoyed it last year.

Happy Knitting



is in the washing machine which means I have to stay up to put it in the drier! Oh well extra knitting time on the next project!

I am on a roll with the wip’s. Now I am finishing Precious from Kim Hargreave’s first book Heartfelt.

Precious_x3.jpgI am knitting it in black without the beads. Kidsilk haze is a devil to knit but the end result is lovely. I think I cast this on 5 times before getting going!

Happy knitting




should be finished! However I had a little mishap in my sewing up. I have seen a friends raspy and it looks great with the ridges on the outside. I am fairly new to mattress stitch but this is what one needs to use to get the ridges so…. I am busy sewing up sleeve number 1 and something gets caught so I give it a little pull and tug which only makes things worse. So I start unpicking, thinking I am unpicking the mattress stitch only to discover I am unpicking the knitting itself. So I ripped the sleeve back to this point which was about 3/4 of a sleeve and am now reknitting. I tend to knit stocking stitch quite quickly so once I put my mind to it the sleeve will be reknit.

I am pleased with what I have so far though


The weather at the moment is probably abotu right for Raspy so I had better get a wiggle on.

Happy Knitting.



I have finished sewing up Lima and I love love love it. It is so comfy to wear. I think I am going to try it without the belt.


So I am on to my second project to sew up – Eleanor. Currently she has one sleeve.

eleanor051009 003.jpg

This is going to be a snug cardigan but again it is so soft and I love the colour. I am hoping to sew the second sleeve in tomorrow evening and then I shall be on to ordering the buttons. I am going to try Duttons for Buttons. The pattern book recommends them so I thought I would give them a try. One needs to send off a sample of the yarn and the size of button needed and a cheque for £2.99. All sounds so easy! Only one way to find out.

Happy Knitting.




Well 2009 has turned out to be rather a crazy year. A year full of surprises and many a time of insanity.

Blogging has become rather spasdmodic and I have far too many wips on the needles.

So over the next few months I am hoping to get a litle upstraight in the knitting arena and I hope to tell a few tales along the way.

So to start - a little treat. I had an operation on my hand earlier in the summer and couldn’t knit for a week. So when the dressing came off I endulged myself. I loved this book when it first came out, some lovely patterns. So when you see this yarn less than half price you just have to treat yourself to knit this


Moss st short sleeve cardigan using Sulka 

I can’t believe how quickly it has knitted up – lots of moss stitch but I am really pleased with the result. Here we are so far.


I did have one of the sleeves sewn in but noticed a mistake so I need to undo a few rows and sort that out before sewing it in again. I am going to concentrate on finishing this over the next few days as I would like to wear it on Thursday. There is an optional belt which at the moment I think I am going to do but will decide for sure once it is all sewn up. The belt will be a quick knit – 18 stitches of rib for 125 cm.

I will leave you with photo’s of my contribtion to the sock draw in September!


Happy knitting.