Sock Number 2

I think I have said before how much I love the colours in my latest Rainforest socks. I am on to sock number 2.



As the weather is starting to change, now is a great time to knit some woolly socks whether they be for yourself or a present for a friend or ralative. There are loads of yarns to choose from but becoming one of my favourite collections is the new Rainforest V collection from Opal.

Rainforest5-Isabella225px Rainforest5-Johnny225px
Rainforest5-Saphira225px Rainforest5-Edward225px
Rainforest5-Sammy225px Rainforest5-Max225px
Rainforest5-Kiara225px Rainforest5-Merlin225px

I have been good thus far!

Happy Knitting.


Tea Party

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to have afternoon tea and cake with the lovely Ysolda. Ysolda was at the Town Hall
 in Reading for the afternoon as part of her UK tour. She had with her samples of her designs and was on hand to sign copies of her book.
There was also the opportunity to buy hand-dyed yarn from
Skein Queen. I have been tempted a few times over the last few months but this was the first time I have got to see the yarn. So with Christmas coming I had an excuse – 2 skeins are for socks for David and 1 for me.

Skein 1 for David – Autumn Blaze in the Blissful yarn. 100% British Blue Faced Leicester in a 4 ply sock weight.

Skein 2 for David – Windfall also in the Blissful yarn.

skein 3 is for me – Smoked Salmon in the Enchant yarn.

I haven’t wound these yet as I still have socks on the needles and am trying to be tough with myself when it comes to starting something new when there are already “projects” on the needles.

Happy Knitting



I am just turning the heel on the sock. I can’t help but say again how lovely the colours are.


I made some progress on Pucara last night and am at the neck shaping but I cannot follow the pattern so I have sent an email to Jane Ellison and am waiting on her reply. I may be having a durr moment but we shall see.

Happy Knitting



Please forgive me for not having published for a couple of days. I’ve been pre-occupied sorting out “stuff”.

That stuff is almost ticketyboo. So the blog should run as planned from here on in

Sock is making progress


Pucara is also coming along just lovely. The left front is almost finished and believe it or not the back is making good progress.

pucara071109 001.jpg

 Left front 

I have tried to get a close up of the pattern to show you

pucarapattern071109 002.jpg

This photo shows the colour better. I can’t wait for this one to be finished so I can wear it.

Have a great Sunday. I am off to a birthday party – 25 four year olds. Do you think I can sit in the corner and knit?

Happy Knitting


A Crazy Day

= little knitting.



Though every row counts. I am off in to London tomorrow on the train so may get a few extra rows in there and back.

It is late so I am off to knit a few rows on Pucara. I may even get the left front finished.

Happy Knitting.



I have another pair of socks for the sock drawer.

greensock021109 .jpg

I don’t know what was the matter with me I had to do the toe three times. I just couldn’t get it right. Was casting off all over the place. Mind obviously somewhere else. However they are now off the needles. On to the  Rosa Die Susse, I think these are going to be fun to knit. Colours are lovely.

Happy Knitting.



So here we go November is the month of knitting and blogging.

First we have a finished garment – buttons and all. 



And now for Novembers to do list

1. Sew up Still


2. Sew up Precious


3. Make 2 ties for Precious

4.Finish green socks – just toe number 2 to do 


5. Finish Rainforest socks – Rosa Die Susse


                                              Lovely colours 

6. Finish Pucara from Mirasol Book 1


The yarn for this was bought the same time as the yarn for Lima – treat following my operation.  The pattern is fairly easy to remember - 4 rows with 4 stitch cable. I am knitting it on addi turbo’s. This is how far I have got – the right front and 2/3rd’s of the left front.


 7. Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket. Although this is going to be my main focus for December and Christmas knitting. I have a little catching up to do.

Happy Knitting