Earlier in the year I said I was going to put together my own personal sock along once the Get Knitted Sock Club had come to an end. Well phase 1 is called Kaffe. Yes I am knitting up all my Kaffe Fassett sock yarn during 2010. I have enough for 7 pairs of socks. If only I could knit a pair a week.

First up we have

301209 001.jpg

It seems hard to believe that we are far approaching 2010 and what a year 2009 has been! Anyway I finished something Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket 2008!  

The blanket is called “In the country” and i
f I say so myself I think it is wonderful. I wrapped it up and gave it to David on Christmas morning and he loves it. It has given me the motivation to finish the 2009 blanket.

My friend Liz sent me a photo of hers – very different but very beautiful.

Liz_Mystery Blanket 2009 001.jpg

 The name for this bkanket was  Arabian Nights. I wonder what the theme for 2010 will be, rumour has it blue/green, wool cotton and aquatic. 

Best Wishes for a successful 2010.



The lovely Jane Ellison got back to me and I have been able to finish the fronts of Pucara.


The back is also growing


I am looking forward to wearing this one. I think it will look great with a smart pair of trousers for the office or equally great with a smart pair of jeans for a more relaxed wear!

Sock number 2 is doing well also thanks to a couple of coffees care of

imgLogoCaffeNero3.gif 06122009.jpgI also have a little project on the go at the moment. My friend Emma had a baby girl, Cerys, a couple of months ago. I wanted to knit Cerys a little cardigan so set about looking through my Debbie collection of books and decided upon this.

img-Baby_Cashmerino_23.jpg                                                                                                                                  Cardigan with moss stitch edging

The back and 2 fronts are finished leaving 2 sleeves and I have even done half of one of those.


                                                                                                                                    A relatively quick knit this one

Happy Knitting


A trio

of socks

socks051209 004.jpg

I hope to get the second one of this pair finished by the end of the year!

I have just looked in my draw of knitted socks this year – there are only 6 pairs. So what exactly have I knitted this year? I am not so sure it is a great deal!

2009 has been a bit of a roller coaster in more ways than one so 2010 can only be better. Let’s hope it is filled iwth knitterly fun!

Happy Knitting



Almost ready to wear just in time for party season.


I have some velvet ribbon to make the ties. I must admit it does look tiny but it is a fit I am pleased with and actually feels wam so shouldbe snug on a cold winters evening!