Time Flies

Daisy is flying


                                                   Left front

I wasn’t happy with the neck first time round so ripped it out and reknitted. I got my k2togtbl and k2tog mixed up. I am much happier with the second attempt.


                                                 Right front

This is coming along. It took me a little while to work out the spacing for the buttonholes. I hope I have got it right, time will tell. Hopefully with the Bank Holiday this week-end I will find time to finish this although I have grand plans to get my “admin” upstraight!

Hooray for more sunshine.

Happy Knitting


Pink and Cream

Pink and Cream

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                                                   a cream pocket



                                                     a pink left front

I am loving knitting this. Some people are itching to get out and about I am itching to sit and knit this until it is finished. I can’t wait to wear it. I am loving knitting with the Pima Cotton.

I have my eye on this


                                        Haze from Kim’s latest book MISTY

It is a simiar style to Edie that I have just finished in the kid classic. Sadly I think it is getting too warm to get much wear out of it until much later in the year. If only I didn’t have a house full of yarn and could justify buying 11 balls of Pima Cotton. That said I am a nightmare for choosing a colour – perhaps

yarn-62-Skipper.jpg                                                          Skipper  

Oh well it is free to plan! I don’t think it would be quite such a fast knit as Edie.

Happy knitting.



What superb weather we are having at the moment, I really hope it is here to stay. I am making good progress with daisy. I have this evening finished the back and in time to photograph outside.


When I was picking my colours for this I really wanted to knit the trim in cream however there isn’t a cream in the pima cotton dk so I bought a grey. I was chatting to a friend at the week-end and she said she would have put cream with it. When I told her that is what I wanted but there wasn’t one in the yarn she suggested I use milk cotton dk and they do a cream – it is called snow. Anyway I was over in Reading today so I took my ball of grey back to John Lewis and changed it for this.  




I now need to cast on 23 stitches and knit 25 rows of stocking stitch to make a pocket lining – shouldn’t take long. I can then cast on the left front. I would like this up and running for my train journey tomorrow.

I did cast on a pair of socks ot the week-end in readiness for 2 train journeys to Reading and back and a trip to London and back this week. Fortunately or unfortunately for the knitting the trip to London has been postponed to 20th May.


                                                          Another Kaffe sock

Enjoy the sunshine and your knitting.


A Sunny Evening

I got home in time to take photo’s outside – hooray.


                                                  Edie is ready to wear

I really like this one. It is rather baggy under the arms but I think that is how it is supposed to be – a kind of batwing! Hopefully this weather will hold and I can wear Edie at the week-end.

Daisy is coming along nicely. I am liking the colour more and more.


This is a reasonably fast knit although it is a while since I knitted a garment on 3.75mm needles that said I have knitted a lot of socks lately and they are on 2.5mm needles. Anyway I would like to have this to wear pretty soon especially if this weather holds up. A bonus for knitting time has to be the short sleeves or should I say tiny sleeves.

Have a good evening


Another Single Sock

Ok so I now have 2 single socks in completely different colour shades so I best get going on another sock for each of them.


I am not sure this photo shows the colours very well. The main shade is a green. I got home too late to take pictures outside. Once I have a pair I will photograph again paying particular attention to the colours to get a good match.

I am pleased to say Daisy is doing well. I am on to the increases on the back. Edie is nearly there and I hope to have finished for the week-end. If this sunny weather continues you never know I may be able to wear her without a jacket – wouldn’t that be good.

Happy Knitting



I am really pleased with this. Love the colour and love the design. Edie will be a comfy wear I am sure.


11042010_1.jpgThere is still some sewing up to do but thanks to mattress stitch this seems a relatively quick “sew up”. Then I can get back to Daisy with a vengeance. The to do list is getting longer!

The cherry tree in our front garden is in full bloom.


cherrytree11042010.jpg                                                                 Beautiful

Happy knitting


What a Lovely day

Lots of sunshine and warm enough to sit in the garden and knit. I finished the knitting for Edie last night so didn’t feel guilty casting on Daisy whilst eating my breakfast this morning

I have made a good start to the back.


This is the first time I used Rowan Pima Cotton DK and so far I am enjoying knitting with it. It is soft and springy.

Just a few domestic chores to do now and then I may sew some of Edie together.

I hope the weather is lovely where you are!

Happy Knitting


Easter Monday

Easter Monday

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Ok – so when Edie is finished and not before I have a decision to make on what to knit. Will it be

kim_daisy_a.jpg                                                               Daisy


kim_Rose.jpg                                                              Rose 

Both of these are from Kim Hargreaves book Breeze and I have yarn ready and waiting for both. However I could wait for Kim’s new book Misty to arrive. 

misty-soon.jpgMisty is available as of tomorrow but I am back at work tomorrow so kind of hoping David has heard me mention it enough times to place an order as soon as the book is launched!    

I have made some progress on sleeve number 2 for Edie today but not as much as I woudl have liked!


sleeve205042010.jpgA couple more evenings and hopefully I will be there.

Happy Knitting



Happy Easter

Happy Easter

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What a lovely sunny day! We have been for lunch at the local Garden Centre with my mum. Due Trading Laws they were unable to “sell” any goods so we could only browse after our lunch – David and I had chicken and my mum had roast lamb. It was warm enough to sit outside with our coffee and I was able to finish a pair of socks – well I did the toes when I got home!


                                                    Kaffe Fassett socks 

Edie is making good progress. I am past the half way stage with the knitting.


                                         Edie – back, front and sleeve number 1


                                      Edie – sleeve 2 in progress                                          

Yes I am down to one sock on the needles – long may it continue. There is far too much else I would like to be knitting. I am sure I will always have a pair of socks on the go though but will try ultra hard not to have 3 pairs…..





                                                       Trekking XXL

It made a change to be able to take some photo’s outside. The forecast for the next few days is looking ok so if I get a wiggle on with sleeve number 2 for Edie there may be some more outdoor photo’s.





Enjoy those Easter eggs.