From this

rhubarb plant.jpg

I picked this


and then I stewed it for my breakfast. Scrummy on top of a bowl of oats.

I have just looked out the window and it is raining. Good job I took this photo before it started! 


The second sleeve of Sport. I am almost up to the armhole, it is a raglan sleeve so will soon be finished.

I really must sew the buttons on to Daisy and if I get organised super fast for the week ahead I may have time to thread beads for Petal later. I can’t wait to wear Daisy and Petal.

Happy Knitting



Sport has really knitted up quickly. Knit 3 purl 2 and away you go, rows and rows and rows of it. I haven’t confessed earlier but I have knitted 2 backs – the first was knit 3 purl 1 so had to be ripped and knitted again as knit 3 purl 2. Was only when I did the front that it came to me I had done knit 3 purl 1, I thought the raglan shaping was odd but just carried on. Anyway didn’t take long to rip and reknit.

Here we have fronts – ready and waiting….


Come on that sleeve and I will have a finished garment – SPORT before the world cup begins with any luck.

Happy Knitting



A gorgeous day here in Newbury – hot and sunny. Our poppies came out today, they don’t last long but whilst they are here they are beautiful. poppies1.jpg


poppies4.jpg    poppies5.jpg

I wonder if there is some hand dyed sock yarn out there a poppy colour – would be lovely. Talking of socks I do have a pair on the needles for emergency “on the go” knitting.


Sport now has 2 fronts. I shall hopefully get to photo out in the garden tomorrow.

Have a great week-end.




A busy month for Sport

Royal Ascot

Queens Tennis 

2010 FIFA World Cup


Seems rather appropriate to be knitting “Sport” and flying off the needles it is too.  

finishedsleeve31052010.jpg                                                    Sleeve number 1

I had better get going on sleeve number 2 although I am not sure it will be knitted as fast as sleeve number 1 – next Bank Holiday is not until August!