Mery Mery

Christmas is coming…..

Well this yarn was rather an extravagant purchase but I have to say so far I think it was worth it. Afterall Chirstmas comes but once a year and we all deserve a treat now and again!
Have fun with your knitting

Second Sleeve

Progressing nicely


Not had time to do much knitting on this this evening but I don’t think it will take me long once I get going! I have done a few rounds of a “second sock” whilst my iPad updates – it is all second …….. at the moment!

Happy knitting.


An evening with

and we have this

                               Lovely and bright colours don’t you think?

It has been a cold day today. I feel coat and gloves may be coming out this week. I had better get going with those Christmas socks!
I am also making good progress with the second sleeve for Breeze but I will talk about that tomorrow.
Have a great week and Happy Knitting.


with a coffee. Pull out my sock to cast on. Cast on the stitches using a 3mm needle. Next row k2, p2 then I discover gosh horror I only have 3 needles in the case!


That put a stop to the knitting pretty quickly. I better go locate 2 more I need this knitting for tomorrow – 2 meetings in London so got to pass time on the underground. Elephant & Castle is quite a long way on the Bakerloo line.

Will pop breeze in my bag as have an hour in to London so will knock up a few rows I am sure.

Happy Knitting


Sleeve Wednesday

I’m making good progress on Breeze’s first sleeve. Take a look.


There’s a fair amount of knitting below the armhole but not above as it is a set in sleeve. I am almost done on the increases but there’s still quite a way to go with the knitting. Not sure it will be done by the week-end but hopefully nearer done than not so the second sleeve can commence!

Happy Knitting



I did indeed turn the heel during the drive to Oxford on Saturday night.


If history repeats itself I will whizz along the foot. I mustn’t neglect Breeze though as I want to fly through those sleeves!

Happy Knitting

Busy Sunday

I cast on sleeve number one for Breeze.


I am hoping this will be a relatively quick knit but let’s not get too excited. I have a goal date in mind for this project! It is ok it October and not September - enough pressures in llife don’t need anymore.

Have a great week.

Happy Knitting