I have really made progress the last 24 hours with my blanket squares.

squares 8_11.jpg

Still 2 squares to knit, square 12 and square 44. Square 12 is beaded up and I have actually cast on but am not convinced this will get finished tonight. I need to check out square 44 but I know it isn’t beaded up. I have just had a look and there are quite a few beads to thread – job for tomorrow definitely!

Happy Knitting


More coffee

This time I had a chill by myself whilst waiting for a “leg wax” appointment!


Sorry I didn’t get to photo my squares, I am trying to get March’s finished before April’s arrive and being my ususal self cutting it fine. I have today finished square 36 and knitted square 10. Square 11 should be a quick win and square 12 is similar to square 10 so that should be done in an evening – maybe Thursday and then we have square 44 – pretty straight forward but I have still to bead this one up so I am kind of thinking may overrun in to the week-end.

I think I better hop over to Ravelry and see if there is any news as to when April’s squares may arrive. Monday would be good for me as I am pretty sure I can have March’s done by then. I think I will slide straight in to April’s or at elast get them beaded up!  I will ain to have them finished for the Royal Wedding!!

Happy Knitting



and knitting definitely go together. With a day off work how better to spend a morning than knitting away with a friend in Costa coffee whilst sipping away an Americano or 2…


                       The coffee was so good I had to have seconds so lots of knitting!

I have once again joined Debbie Abrahams’s Mystery Blanket Club for 2011 and am enjoying knitting the squares,


                                                  January’s squares

I went outside to photo February’s squares earlier today but the battery had no charge so had to bring it all back in again!! Battery now charged so here’s hoping it stays dry tomorrow.

Happy Knitting


Get Knitted Best of British Sock Club

One of my Christmas Presents was the “Get Knitted Best of British Sock Club”. Six yarns in six months (starting in December 2010), dyed by some of Britain’s best known independent dyers: KnitWitches, Fyberspates, The Natural Dye Studio, The Old Piggery, The Knitting Goddess and Ripples Crafts.

Yarns will be chosen by Get Knitted and dyed in unique limited edition colourways to showcase each dyer’s talents.

This is February’s yarn

Which I wound in to this 

ball of wool.jpg

and is on the way to becoming a pair of socks 

sock1.jpgFebruary’s yarn was supplied by Ripples Crafts who are based in the north west Scottish Highland. Helen Lockhart started the business in 2008, and she gathers her inspiration from the coilours, landscape and traditions surrounding her home in crofting community Assynt and she is heavily influenced by the changing seasons. The exclusive yarn she has dyed for the Get Knitted “Best of British” sock yarn club was inspired by the colours found in a winter sunset over the Minch. Many consider the Highlands to be a bleak place mid-winter, but as Helen says there are still colourful gems to be found if you look carefully enough and a sunset on a cold frosty day often leads to a gem.

She loves her work, enjoying the creativity and thriving on the sense of connection with her customers. Helen’s yarns are available from her website and she welcomes visitors to her studio when she is dyeing. 

Happy Knitting


The first day of Spring

Today seems like a good day to start blogging again. I have lots to share since blogging last time and lots I want to knit for future blogging!

For a starter here are a pair of socks I have finished 


and another pair.


I will be back!

Happy Knitting.