The year is drawing to a close and has been a busy one. . . time for one last blog post of 2014. A low key New Year’s Eve feels pretty perfect!



I will see you on the other side. 2015 is going to be a positive and healthy year!

Sixth day of Christmas

Pink Socks












I have had this yarn a while and considering I love the colour pink I cannot believe how long the yarn has sat hibernating – no more.

I have also finished the neck of Haven and yes it goes over my head. Sew the sides up and put the sleeves in is next up – tomorrow hopefully or shall I save it for New Years Eve sewing up party.

Happy knitting.

Fifth day of Christmas

My goal was reached a few days – early.


Ok so they need grafting – tomorrow. But I am more or less a clean sheet for the socks! No sock WIPS! So I can choose a pair to cast on New Years Day – a surprise for you at a later date.

Haven is nearly there as well. I think I am going to like this jumper muchly. I wanted to knit the neck in the round but didn’t have a 4mm circular in a short length …then… “you have some interchangeables – use them” so that is what I did. Magic – this neck is fun to knit – 9cm of moss stitch and then another 9cm of rib – I am currently on 7cm of rib – tiny bit to go and then it is the “sewing up party”.


Maybe a New Years Day jumper!

Monday tomorrow – sixth day of Christmas.


Fourth day of Christmas

Cold today but at least we don’t have snow. We were able to go for a lovely walk before lunch – perfect walking weather.

Then after lunch a trip to Yarnfest – a few miles down the road from home. I had a £10 voucher to spend by 6th January – no yarn which inspired me so I bought some accessories!


Some positive progress with knitting thereafter – pop back tomorrow.


Christmas Sunday

Knitting is back in fashion – read it in the paper.  Great article in the Daily Mail. So true rather knit a pair of socks than twerk like Miley Cyrus.


Regia Design Line by Kaffe Fassett
















Just the pink opal to go – deadline New Years Eve 23:59!

Off to do the heel.

Anna x

Christmas Saturday

Started with red grapefruit and twinings fruit tea.

Then a roadtrip to Oxford for a hospital appointment.

Back to Newbury for brunch at Bill’s.

Eggs Florentine for me!
Eggs Florentine for me!



Bill's Breakfast for David
Bill’s Breakfast for David



5 mile walk to burn some of the calories!

Before dusk

Visit dad's grave with some fresh flowers and a Christmas Wreath.
Visit dad’s grave with some fresh flowers and a Christmas Wreath.

Then swim and sauna at one of my favourite spots Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa.

Next stop

Waitrose shopping
Waitrose shopping








Now to make progress with this


Knittted in the gorgeous Rowan Silk Twist. The shade is ochre – a beautiful gold.

Happy Christmas.




Well I went to John Lewis and bought 5 buttons but I shall be going back to John Lewis tomorrow with the buttons for a refund. I used buttons I already had as the ones I bought were too heavy for the kid silk haze.

Tender is finished and ready to wear to London tomorrow. Exciting.

Have a good week.

Anna x

Winter Wooly’s

Well last night I finished sewing up a jumper I started 26th October 2010 – Emma from the Araucania collection book 1 by Jenny Watson. Beautiful cosy jumper. The yarn is hand dyed in Chile, called Azapa and is 30% alpaca, 45% merino, 15% silk and 10% donegal – soft as soft! I wore it today and it felt divine. Love it. I seem to recall that despite the cables the front was a relatively quick knit and well the back took no time at all being stocking stitch on 6mm needles. It is such a shame the sewing up took so long, well actually I think it has only needed one sleeve and the neck doing for possibly 3 years – VERY BAD. All sorted now. Photo to follow.

Then, drumroll this evening I have finished sewing up tender – one small problem – no buttons. Well I have plenty of buttons but I think I need darker than I have. I want to wear this Monday so shall go hunting for buttons tomorrow – John Lewis or Camp Hopsons – prey they have some otherwise I shall be driving to Yarnfest in the hope they have some. It is cold so I cannot go buttonless.

So I have 2 different socks on needles at the moment – they are both second socks – their friends are hibernating. With a bit of luck I can finish these tomorrow / Monday. I think I will always have a pair of socks on the go but not 2 pairs – not in 2015. Before I cast on anything else I would like to sew up Eva and Bond. The knitting for Eva was finished 2nd November so not toooooooooooooooo long, poor Bond I finished the knitting on that last winter – VERY BAD.

Happy knitting and stay warm.