A Frosch

A Frosch

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A little lonesome

a_frosch.jpg Opal Rainforest Frosch (Frog), Collection II

I am not sure when I started these socks but I know when I finished sock number 1 – 20th March 2010. I will have to start making notes.

Edie’s sleeve is growing.

ediesleeve_1_24032010.jpgI hope to have this off the needles this evening and the front cast on. I have a day off work tomorrow. My mum is


I am taking her to Reading to meet up with my sister. My knitting will go to and it would be good to get the front of Edie underway.

I shall no doubt have a look in John Lewis. I did have a quick scoot through there today as I was in Reading on business. I saw these230872999.jpg 230873007.jpgI so need another knitting bag……NOT!

Happy knitting.