Happy Easter

Happy Easter

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What a lovely sunny day! We have been for lunch at the local Garden Centre with my mum. Due Trading Laws they were unable to “sell” any goods so we could only browse after our lunch – David and I had chicken and my mum had roast lamb. It was warm enough to sit outside with our coffee and I was able to finish a pair of socks – well I did the toes when I got home!


                                                    Kaffe Fassett socks 

Edie is making good progress. I am past the half way stage with the knitting.


                                         Edie – back, front and sleeve number 1


                                      Edie – sleeve 2 in progress                                          

Yes I am down to one sock on the needles – long may it continue. There is far too much else I would like to be knitting. I am sure I will always have a pair of socks on the go though but will try ultra hard not to have 3 pairs…..





                                                       Trekking XXL

It made a change to be able to take some photo’s outside. The forecast for the next few days is looking ok so if I get a wiggle on with sleeve number 2 for Edie there may be some more outdoor photo’s.





Enjoy those Easter eggs.