January’s Sock!

What a lovely colour


This yarn is hand dyed in Wales by Knitwitches Yarns – cash-anova Supersoft Sock yarn. 80% superwash merino / 10% cashmere / 10% nylon and the colourway is Green Garlands.

Eirwen sent us a lovely story with the yarn – The Story of Knitwitches

The Story of Knitwitches

I thought you might like to know a little about how Knitwitches came to be.

Some while ago, a friend, who kept angora goats in Ceridigion, rang me up, and invited me over to visit, saying that she was no longer going o shear her goats as they were all getting on in years, and that she had some of her yarn I might like. Ooooh, I thought o myself, maybe if I’m lucky she’ll give me a 100gms or so.

Well dear reader, the 100gms or so I was hoping for, turned out to be 17.5 kilos of the 80% mohair / 20% silk, undyed, DK weight. It blew my brains out, I bought it home, and for three months it sat in boxes under my stairs, while my brain unravelled , and occasionally went and hid , as I tried to work out what I was going to do with it all/

Whilst being a totally addicted yarny, I had absolutely no experience or knowledge of dyeing, but hey, I’ve never let the fact that I couldn’t do something slow me down, and so I set out to learn how to do it. It was the start of the most wonderful journey of my life, and one that is still continuing.

I reached an agreement with my Ceredigion friend that I would learn to dye using her yarn, and maybe start doing some small craft shows. He yarn would be sold at these shows and I would send her all the money that I took for the yarn, which she in turn would give to her charity, which was the Kashmir Welfare fund, which was helping that poor woman who were widowed and left desolate and abandoned after the Kashmir earthquake. The money would help build hones and schools for their children. And so a little bit at a time knit witches came in to being.

That was 5 years ago, almost exactly. From the beginning Knitwitches had a life all of its own, it was as though it was meant to be, and a year after I acquired the mohair and silk yarn, knitwitches proper came in to being, and here I am writing to you.

I am so grateful for the serendipity that gave me the opportunity to do this. Did I sell all the yarn I started out with? You bet. It bought bricks and cement and other things necessary for people who badly needed it. And me, what did I get? Well for one, a house bursting with yarn, wonderful friends who share my passion, and the opportunities to talk to, and send time with some of the nicest, kindest folk ever.

Wishing you all the most splendid, and joyous Christmas, and a new year filled with lovely knitterly things.




Happy Knitting