At the moment I have a few different things going on in my life pulling me in a few different directions. That said I am keeping sane as life will settle down into some semblance of normality before the year end. Just got to hang on in there over the summer. To knit or not to knit…….

So why when one sits down with a sock to knit and a coffee does a sock needle decide to split???

20100809_2.jpgOh well I managed to reply to a few emails instead.

Yes I do drink a fair amount of coffee although I do believe I have cut down since taking a couple of weeks break from work. This photo was taken last Saturday.


                                            Coffee and knitting time

It is the last of the pieces for  the Amy Butler Roll Neck sweater knitted in the belle organic aran yarn which I have to say is a pleasure to knit with. I would have finished this project sooner but I ripped back a chunk as I wasn’t happy with a couple of the stitches. Good progress is being made and I think this is heading for the blocking board very soon.

Happy knitting