More coffee

This time I had a chill by myself whilst waiting for a “leg wax” appointment!


Sorry I didn’t get to photo my squares, I am trying to get March’s finished before April’s arrive and being my ususal self cutting it fine. I have today finished square 36 and knitted square 10. Square 11 should be a quick win and square 12 is similar to square 10 so that should be done in an evening – maybe Thursday and then we have square 44 – pretty straight forward but I have still to bead this one up so I am kind of thinking may overrun in to the week-end.

I think I better hop over to Ravelry and see if there is any news as to when April’s squares may arrive. Monday would be good for me as I am pretty sure I can have March’s done by then. I think I will slide straight in to April’s or at elast get them beaded up!  I will ain to have them finished for the Royal Wedding!!

Happy Knitting