Mystery Blanket

I really need to get motoring with my Mystery Blanket – I love the pattern and I love the yarns being used so GET KNITTING ANNA. The squares are so enjoyable to knit once I get going.

A few of my squares.


I took these photo’s earlier in the year when we had a sunny week-end. Very inspiring aren’t they? I will take some pictures of my other squares when we ge a sunny spell!

My packages are sat waiting for me and I am not going to get disheartened about being behind but just get myself back on track, my plan to knit a square a night has not quite worked out so perhaps a square every 2 nights will be more achievable.

It’s great at the beginning, most of the squares and colours are new, so it’s a big surprise! A great way to knit a blanket.

September is the penultimate month!  Next month we get five squares plus the border instructions.  This knitalong has sped by just like the rest of the year.

We have the forms to sign up for next year. I really don’t need another blanket ‘but’ can’t miss out now. Will I have to keep going for ever? I loved last years geometric design but the preparation for each square took so long with all the beads. Next years is using turquoise and blues,and Debbie has said the yarns will be lightweight double-knitting and double-knitting weight and will include Rowan Glace Cotton, Rowan Revive, Rowan Lenpur Linen and Amy Butler Belle Organic DK. These all sound rather lovely! I have used Glace Cotton and Amy Butler but not Revive or Lenpur Linen.

OK I MUST get going in earnest on this years and try to finish last years. If not I will have 3 to do if I sign up for next years and that is a little rediculous. May be Christmas is a goal!