Pink and Cream

Pink and Cream

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                                                   a cream pocket



                                                     a pink left front

I am loving knitting this. Some people are itching to get out and about I am itching to sit and knit this until it is finished. I can’t wait to wear it. I am loving knitting with the Pima Cotton.

I have my eye on this


                                        Haze from Kim’s latest book MISTY

It is a simiar style to Edie that I have just finished in the kid classic. Sadly I think it is getting too warm to get much wear out of it until much later in the year. If only I didn’t have a house full of yarn and could justify buying 11 balls of Pima Cotton. That said I am a nightmare for choosing a colour – perhaps

yarn-62-Skipper.jpg                                                          Skipper  

Oh well it is free to plan! I don’t think it would be quite such a fast knit as Edie.

Happy knitting.