should be finished! However I had a little mishap in my sewing up. I have seen a friends raspy and it looks great with the ridges on the outside. I am fairly new to mattress stitch but this is what one needs to use to get the ridges so…. I am busy sewing up sleeve number 1 and something gets caught so I give it a little pull and tug which only makes things worse. So I start unpicking, thinking I am unpicking the mattress stitch only to discover I am unpicking the knitting itself. So I ripped the sleeve back to this point which was about 3/4 of a sleeve and am now reknitting. I tend to knit stocking stitch quite quickly so once I put my mind to it the sleeve will be reknit.

I am pleased with what I have so far though


The weather at the moment is probably abotu right for Raspy so I had better get a wiggle on.

Happy Knitting.