Sock Number 2

I think I have said before how much I love the colours in my latest Rainforest socks. I am on to sock number 2.



As the weather is starting to change, now is a great time to knit some woolly socks whether they be for yourself or a present for a friend or ralative. There are loads of yarns to choose from but becoming one of my favourite collections is the new Rainforest V collection from Opal.

Rainforest5-Isabella225px Rainforest5-Johnny225px
Rainforest5-Saphira225px Rainforest5-Edward225px
Rainforest5-Sammy225px Rainforest5-Max225px
Rainforest5-Kiara225px Rainforest5-Merlin225px

I have been good thus far!

Happy Knitting.