My life right now is a series of stacks and lists.  Stacks of garments waiting to be sewn up. Stacks of WIPs waiting to be finished – garments, blankets, cushions, socks, gloves.  Lists of tasks waiting to be checked off.  Stacks of ironing waiting to be done. Stacks of clothes waiting for a “sort out”. Stacks of yarn waiting to be sorted and of course lists of knitwear waiting to be knit!

So over this week-end will I become newly inspired and pull out all those lingering FOs to finish off one by one.  I have declared socks and travel knitting exempt, but I will tackle the rest one at a time and I will take back the knits!!! I guess I’m just going to put my head down and get this done.  If you’ll excuse me I must tend to my knitting.