The Bands are back

Sunday afternoon’s spent knitting and listening to Bands in the pak was something David and I did a couple of years ago throughout the summer.

Well we had rather a different band entertain us – Transe Express, a French spectacle. They were a small group of green and yellow elf-like outfitted French drummers donning Napoleon-style hats who began winding their way through the crowd from the Clock House in the Broadway into the Market Place for their Mobile Homme show.

30052010.jpgI got to work on Sport and before I knew it most of the back was knitted.

back30052010.jpgI said I had another surprise for you. Well it is from one of Kim’s summer books NECTAR. It features some patterns from one of her previous spring collections – 0ut of the Shadows. I just think Breeze  is fantastic a real winner…




and I had some denim in my stash. I couldn’t resist as I have wanted to knit this for ages.


June will be a busy month knitting wise amongst other things I am sure but I am determined to have my switch off time for an hour or so in the evenings to do some knitting. I am also hoping for a sudden burst of pure energy where I just want everything sorted out……even my knitting.

Have fun on Bank Holiday Monday. Happy Knitting.