Winter Wooly’s

Well last night I finished sewing up a jumper I started 26th October 2010 – Emma from the Araucania collection book 1 by Jenny Watson. Beautiful cosy jumper. The yarn is hand dyed in Chile, called Azapa and is 30% alpaca, 45% merino, 15% silk and 10% donegal – soft as soft! I wore it today and it felt divine. Love it. I seem to recall that despite the cables the front was a relatively quick knit and well the back took no time at all being stocking stitch on 6mm needles. It is such a shame the sewing up took so long, well actually I think it has only needed one sleeve and the neck doing for possibly 3 years – VERY BAD. All sorted now. Photo to follow.

Then, drumroll this evening I have finished sewing up tender – one small problem – no buttons. Well I have plenty of buttons but I think I need darker than I have. I want to wear this Monday so shall go hunting for buttons tomorrow – John Lewis or Camp Hopsons – prey they have some otherwise I shall be driving to Yarnfest in the hope they have some. It is cold so I cannot go buttonless.

So I have 2 different socks on needles at the moment – they are both second socks – their friends are hibernating. With a bit of luck I can finish these tomorrow / Monday. I think I will always have a pair of socks on the go but not 2 pairs – not in 2015. Before I cast on anything else I would like to sew up Eva and Bond. The knitting for Eva was finished 2nd November so not toooooooooooooooo long, poor Bond I finished the knitting on that last winter – VERY BAD.

Happy knitting and stay warm.